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[Time] 1580257902
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[11:31:42] LasersDuFutur joined the game.
[League] New Izzet by lasersdufutur (66833) vs Curb Your Enthusiasm V2 by everyigniwantistaken (66835)
[11:31:44] [CHAT] PDBot: [sD] Good luck in your League match!
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[11:31:59] LasersDuFutur chooses to play first.
[11:32:02] LasersDuFutur begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[11:32:04] EveryIGNIWantIsTaken mulligans to six cards.
[11:32:07] EveryIGNIWantIsTaken mulligans to five cards.
[11:32:18] EveryIGNIWantIsTaken puts two cards on the bottom of their library and begins the game with five cards in hand.
[11:32:18] Turn 1: LasersDuFutur
[11:32:19] LasersDuFutur skips their draw step.
[11:32:21] LasersDuFutur plays [Swiftwater Cliffs].
[11:32:21] LasersDuFutur puts triggered ability from [Swiftwater Cliffs] onto the stack (When Swiftwater Cliffs enters the battlefield, you gain 1 life.).
[11:32:26] Turn 1: EveryIGNIWantIsTaken
[11:32:38] EveryIGNIWantIsTaken plays [Swamp].
[11:32:38] EveryIGNIWantIsTaken casts [Putrid Imp].
[11:32:42] Turn 2: LasersDuFutur
[11:32:47] LasersDuFutur plays [Highland Lake].
[League] Invalid Match
[11:32:48] [CHAT] PDBot: [sD][sR] Highland Lake was not on a submitted league decklist. This is not a league match.
[11:32:52] Turn 2: EveryIGNIWantIsTaken
[11:32:53] [CHAT] LasersDuFutur: oops wrong deck
[11:32:57] [CHAT] LasersDuFutur: let me restart
[11:33:00] [CHAT] EveryIGNIWantIsTaken: ok
[11:33:01] LasersDuFutur has conceded from the game.
[11:33:01] LasersDuFutur has lost connection to the game.
Winner: EveryIGNIWantIsTaken
Game 1 Completed.