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[Time] 1578181154
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[10:39:37] Octopus6666 chooses to play first.
[10:39:42] Octopus6666 begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[10:39:56] SomeDudeMarc mulligans to six cards.
[10:39:59] SomeDudeMarc mulligans to five cards.
[10:40:19] SomeDudeMarc puts two cards on the bottom of their library and begins the game with five cards in hand.
[10:40:20] Turn 1: Octopus6666
[10:40:20] Octopus6666 skips their draw step.
[10:40:27] Octopus6666 plays [Plains].
[10:40:31] Octopus6666 casts [Healer's Hawk].
[10:40:38] Turn 1: SomeDudeMarc
[10:40:42] SomeDudeMarc plays [Swamp].
[10:40:50] SomeDudeMarc casts [Bloodsoaked Champion].
[10:41:05] Turn 2: Octopus6666
[10:41:19] Octopus6666 plays [Plains].
[10:41:35] Octopus6666 casts [True Believer].
[10:41:42] SomeDudeMarc is being attacked by [Healer's Hawk].
[10:41:50] Turn 2: SomeDudeMarc
[10:41:54] SomeDudeMarc plays [Swamp].
[10:42:12] Octopus6666 is being attacked by [Bloodsoaked Champion].
[10:42:17] martyvburen has started watching.
[10:42:35] SomeDudeMarc casts [Sarcomancy].
[10:42:41] SomeDudeMarc puts triggered ability from [Sarcomancy] onto the stack (When Sarcomancy enters the battlefield, create a 2/2 black Zombie creature token.).
[10:42:45] SomeDudeMarc's [Sarcomancy] creates a Zombie token.
[10:42:52] Turn 3: Octopus6666
[10:42:55] Octopus6666 plays [Plains].
[10:43:07] SomeDudeMarc has conceded from the game.
[10:43:07] SomeDudeMarc has lost connection to the game.
Winner: Octopus6666
Game 1 Completed.