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[Time] 1577777592
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[18:33:12] Jovelino02 joined the game.
[18:34:05] [CHAT] Jovelino02: hey
[18:34:11] [CHAT] Jovelino02: my game is really bugged
[18:34:15] [CHAT] Jovelino02: i cant do anything
[18:34:17] [CHAT] Jovelino02: really
[18:34:28] [CHAT] Jovelino02: just talk on chat and watch
[18:34:31] [CHAT] Coaxmetal: huh
[18:34:37] [CHAT] Jovelino02: yeah
[18:34:54] [CHAT] Coaxmetal: modo really is a quality program lol
[18:34:55] [CHAT] Jovelino02: the only hud i have on my screen is an empty board
[18:35:01] [CHAT] Jovelino02: sure
[18:35:05] [CHAT] Jovelino02: lol
[18:35:12] [CHAT] Jovelino02: should i concede?
[18:35:20] [CHAT] Jovelino02: wft should i do
[18:35:25] [CHAT] Coaxmetal: idk 
[18:35:36] [CHAT] Jovelino02: i will just close the game, really sorry mate
[18:36:04] Jovelino02 has conceded from the game.
[18:36:04] Jovelino02 has lost connection to the game.
Winner: Coaxmetal
Game 1 Completed.