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[15:32:04] [CHAT] shalashaska2: hey
[15:32:14] [CHAT] shalashaska2: just FYI, this is my first time playing MTGO
[15:32:33] [CHAT] robbie2540: okay do you have a deck on p
[15:32:38] [CHAT] robbie2540: the website
[15:32:44] [CHAT] shalashaska2: yeah
[15:32:44] [CHAT] robbie2540: pennydreadful?
[15:32:48] [CHAT] robbie2540: okay cool
[15:32:49] [CHAT] shalashaska2: i got rafellos
[15:33:03] [CHAT] shalashaska2: i just picked one arbitrarily
[15:33:22] [CHAT] robbie2540: cool its a fun deck
[15:33:34] shalashaska2 chooses to play first.
[15:34:12] [CHAT] shalashaska2: if i'm going too slow dont feel bad for leaving
[15:34:15] [CHAT] shalashaska2: im just figuring out the UI
[15:34:26] [CHAT] robbie2540: no worries
[15:34:35] [CHAT] robbie2540: theres a 25 min timer jsyk
[15:34:42] shalashaska2 begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[15:34:47] robbie2540 begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[15:34:47] Turn 1: shalashaska2
[15:34:52] shalashaska2 skips their draw step.
[15:34:57] shalashaska2 plays [Forest].
[15:35:30] [CHAT] robbie2540: theres a button to pass until the next end step which is usefull when it is my turn and you have nothing to play
[15:35:44] [CHAT] robbie2540: for me its 9 idk what it is for you
[15:36:18] Turn 1: robbie2540
[15:36:20] robbie2540 plays [Forest].
[15:36:28] [CHAT] shalashaska2: is it "yield until end step"
[15:36:32] [CHAT] robbie2540: yes
[15:36:41] [CHAT] shalashaska2: okay it's on 8 for me
[15:36:50] Turn 2: shalashaska2
[15:37:07] shalashaska2 plays [Forest].
[15:37:07] [CHAT] robbie2540: with the deck your playing you should pretty much always use that when its my turn
[15:37:30] Turn 2: robbie2540
[15:37:32] robbie2540 plays [Forest].
[15:37:34] robbie2540 casts [Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary].
[15:37:54] Turn 3: shalashaska2
[15:38:17] shalashaska2 plays [Forest].
[15:38:25] Turn 3: robbie2540
[15:38:28] robbie2540 plays [Forest].
[15:38:35] [CHAT] shalashaska2: i should have mulliganed this one ..
[15:38:36] robbie2540 casts [God-Pharaoh's Statue].
[15:38:40] [CHAT] shalashaska2: but i am learningg the ui
[15:38:49] robbie2540 puts triggered ability from [God-Pharaoh's Statue] onto the stack (At the beginning of your end step, each opponent loses 1 life.).
[15:38:58] Turn 4: shalashaska2
[15:39:07] [CHAT] robbie2540: have you played paper magic?
[15:39:13] [CHAT] shalashaska2: yeah
[15:39:20] [CHAT] shalashaska2: not well :)
[15:39:29] [CHAT] shalashaska2: just at fnm, i played hearthsotne but my friends play magic
[15:39:32] shalashaska2 plays [Forest].
[15:39:47] [CHAT] robbie2540: never played hearthstone but heard its fun
[15:40:04] [CHAT] robbie2540: i wanna try paper magic but i dont have a very good paper deck
[15:40:33] [CHAT] shalashaska2: i'm trying to play hedron archive, 4 colorless mana
[15:40:40] [CHAT] shalashaska2: but the ui tells me to use 6 mana?
[15:41:03] [CHAT] robbie2540: my god pharoas statue makes your spells cost 2 more
[15:41:05] [CHAT] shalashaska2: ohhh
[15:41:05] [CHAT] shalashaska2: wasn't paying attention :)
[15:41:35] Turn 4: robbie2540
[15:41:37] robbie2540 plays [Forest].
[15:41:42] [CHAT] shalashaska2: I would like to play paper magic, it's quite expensive
[15:41:47] robbie2540 casts [Leatherback Baloth].
[15:41:50] [CHAT] shalashaska2: i would like to find decks i like on here because it's really cheap
[15:41:56] robbie2540 casts [Leatherback Baloth].
[15:42:04] robbie2540 puts triggered ability from [God-Pharaoh's Statue] onto the stack (At the beginning of your end step, each opponent loses 1 life.).
[15:42:09] Turn 5: shalashaska2
[15:42:17] [CHAT] robbie2540: this is the best deck on penny dreadful
[15:42:23] [CHAT] robbie2540: rdw is pretty good too
[15:42:26] shalashaska2 plays [Forest].
[15:42:36] [CHAT] robbie2540: for some reason i cant beat it with this deck lol
[15:42:55] [CHAT] shalashaska2: yeah i want to try rdw
[15:42:59] [CHAT] robbie2540: MBA is fun but its really only good vs channel
[15:43:02] [CHAT] shalashaska2: i like this format, it's good for new players :)
[15:43:21] [CHAT] shalashaska2: should i be buying bulk because im new?
[15:43:27] [CHAT] robbie2540: yeahh!! im super new to mtg so i tried this first and its fun
[15:43:48] [CHAT] robbie2540: uhh i recommend just tradying with the bots not necessarily buying in bulk
[15:44:00] [CHAT] shalashaska2: so i will just buy decks im interested in?
[15:44:01] [CHAT] robbie2540: just get the cards you need cardhoarder is what i use
[15:44:04] Turn 5: robbie2540
[15:44:09] [CHAT] robbie2540: yeahh!! 
[15:44:14] [CHAT] shalashaska2: makes sense to me
[15:44:36] robbie2540 casts [Channel].
[15:44:47] robbie2540 casts [Artisan of Kozilek].
[15:44:47] No legal targets to choose for [Artisan of Kozilek]'s triggered ability.
[15:44:54] shalashaska2 is being attacked by [Leatherback Baloth], [Leatherback Baloth], and [Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary].
[15:45:03] robbie2540 puts triggered ability from [God-Pharaoh's Statue] onto the stack (At the beginning of your end step, each opponent loses 1 life.).
[15:45:50] [CHAT] robbie2540: you can click on the deck on the penny dreadful website and click buy and itll go to cardhoarder and you can buy it from there and there bots will deliver it automatically for tickets
[15:45:54] [CHAT] shalashaska2: on channel, why is the mana symbol a diamond?
[15:45:56] Turn 6: shalashaska2
[15:46:03] [CHAT] robbie2540: its colorless mana
[15:46:07] [CHAT] shalashaska2: oh ok
[15:46:15] [CHAT] shalashaska2: okay, i def lose this one ..
[15:46:17] [CHAT] robbie2540: it can only be used for colorless stuff like eldrazi
[15:46:22] [CHAT] shalashaska2: let me find the rematch button XD
[15:46:30] shalashaska2 has conceded from the game.
[15:46:30] shalashaska2 has lost connection to the game.
Winner: robbie2540
Game 1 Completed.