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[Time] 1573329569
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[06:59:29] SulleyCrusher joined the game.
[Gatherling] Event=Penny Dreadful Saturdays 14.06
[Gatherling] Round=4
[06:59:35] akarian chooses to play first.
[06:59:46] akarian begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[06:59:48] SulleyCrusher mulligans to six cards.
[06:59:53] SulleyCrusher mulligans to five cards.
[07:00:07] SulleyCrusher puts two cards on the bottom of their library and begins the game with five cards in hand.
[07:00:07] Turn 1: akarian
[07:00:07] akarian skips their draw step.
[07:00:09] akarian plays [Nomad Outpost].
[07:00:12] Turn 1: SulleyCrusher
[07:00:14] SulleyCrusher plays [Forest].
[07:00:17] Turn 2: akarian
[07:00:22] akarian plays [Mountain].
[07:00:25] akarian casts [Deafening Silence].
[07:00:32] Turn 2: SulleyCrusher
[07:00:36] SulleyCrusher plays [Forest].
[07:00:39] SulleyCrusher casts [Channel].
[07:00:56] SulleyCrusher casts [Artisan of Kozilek].
[07:00:56] No legal targets to choose for [Artisan of Kozilek]'s triggered ability.
[07:00:59] akarian has conceded from the game.
[07:00:59] akarian has lost connection to the game.
Winner: SulleyCrusher
Game 1 Completed.