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[16:05:03] [CHAT] SomeDudeMarc: !!!
[16:05:03] [CHAT] Squiggy686: what
[16:05:06] [CHAT] SomeDudeMarc: what
[16:05:09] [CHAT] Squiggy686: i signed up
[16:05:13] [CHAT] Squiggy686: why
[16:05:16] [CHAT] SomeDudeMarc: dude, so have I
[16:05:20] [CHAT] Squiggy686: i am halfway throug a league
[16:05:30] [CHAT] Squiggy686: well ill just leave and sign up again
[16:05:33] [CHAT] SomeDudeMarc: ok
[16:05:34] Squiggy686 has conceded from the game.
[16:05:34] Squiggy686 has lost connection to the game.
Winner: SomeDudeMarc
Game 1 Completed.