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[Time] 1570725527
[03:38:48] PDBot has started watching.
[03:38:54] EnderWiggin77 begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[03:38:54] Turn 1: EnderWiggin77
[03:38:55] EnderWiggin77 plays [Swamp].
[03:38:56] Turn 2: EnderWiggin77
[03:38:58] EnderWiggin77 plays [Swamp].
[03:39:05] EnderWiggin77 casts [Heir of Falkenrath].
[03:39:05] [CHAT] PDBot: [sU]Heir of Falkenrath[sU] has an advantageous bug.
If Heir of Falkenrath's ability is used to transform it into Heir to the Night, then it transforms back into Heir of Falkenrath in the same turn in some way, its activated ability can be used again.
Our data about this bug is out of date.  Please let us know if this card is still bugged (or if it's been fixed).
You can do so by PM'ing this bot, or by typing `!stillbugged Heir of Falkenrath` or `!notbugged Heir of Falkenrath`
[03:39:06] Turn 3: EnderWiggin77
[03:39:08] EnderWiggin77 plays [Swamp].
[03:39:10] EnderWiggin77 casts [Dark Ritual].
[03:39:11] EnderWiggin77 casts [Stromkirk Condemned].
[03:39:19] EnderWiggin77 has conceded from the game.
[03:39:19] EnderWiggin77 has lost connection to the game.
Game 1 Completed.
Game 1 Completed.