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[Time] 1568202728
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[21:52:08] Quasit joined the game.
[League] Mono White Control by necrowolf (60260) vs Mono Green by quasit (60254)
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[21:52:17] [CHAT] Quasit: is it?
[21:52:17] Necrowolf chooses to play first.
[21:52:26] [CHAT] Necrowolf: nope
[21:52:31] Necrowolf mulligans to six cards.
[21:52:42] [CHAT] Quasit: oke ..  then i concede if you dont mind
[21:52:45] Quasit has conceded from the game.
Winner: Necrowolf
Game 1 Completed.
[21:52:54] Necrowolf has left the game.