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[Time] 1565748013
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[12:00:13] BigHatNolan joined the game.
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[12:00:18] [CHAT] JayceArveduin: elo, glhf
[12:00:25] [CHAT] BigHatNolan: same to you
[12:00:28] BigHatNolan chooses to not play first.
[12:00:35] JayceArveduin begins the game with seven cards in hand.
[12:00:39] BigHatNolan mulligans to six cards.
[12:00:46] BigHatNolan mulligans to five cards.
[12:00:56] BigHatNolan mulligans to four cards.
[12:01:23] BigHatNolan puts three cards on the bottom of their library and begins the game with four cards in hand.
[12:01:23] Turn 1: JayceArveduin
[12:01:24] JayceArveduin skips their draw step.
[12:01:34] JayceArveduin plays [Swamp].
[12:01:36] JayceArveduin casts [Duress] targeting BigHatNolan.
[12:01:55] BigHatNolan discards [Tormenting Voice].
[12:01:55] BigHatNolan reveals their hand to [Duress], containing [Fortified Village], [Vesperlark], and [Trostani's Summoner].
[12:02:04] [CHAT] BigHatNolan: gg
[12:02:09] Turn 1: BigHatNolan
[12:02:20] BigHatNolan has conceded from the game.
Winner: JayceArveduin
Game 1 Completed.
[12:02:25] JayceArveduin has left the game.