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[15:15:27] [CHAT] Xero: hey
[15:15:37] [CHAT] soldiermage: Hey down for some commander?
[15:15:40] [CHAT] soldiermage: Penny Dreadful?
[15:15:51] [CHAT] Xero: not sure it will work this way.  I think you need to set it up as commander
[15:15:52] [CHAT] Xero: yea
[15:16:05] [CHAT] soldiermage: Yeah we got to I'll send ya a invite
[15:16:10] [CHAT] soldiermage: Cool
[15:16:12] soldiermage has conceded from the game.
[15:16:13] soldiermage keeps this hand.
Winner: Xero
Game 1 Completed.
[15:16:23] Xero has left the game.