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[Gatherling] Event=Giovedi Pauper Challenges 1.02
[Gatherling] Round=2
[05:26:34] [CHAT] CrilaPeoty: buona fortuna
[05:26:41] CrilaPeoty chooses to not play first.
[05:26:42] [CHAT] Ishvaal: grazie anche a te
[05:26:45] Ishvaal keeps this hand.
[05:26:50] CrilaPeoty mulligans to 6 cards.
[05:26:54] CrilaPeoty keeps this hand.
[05:26:59] CrilaPeoty puts 1 card on the bottom of their library.
[05:26:59] Turn 1: Ishvaal
[05:26:59] Ishvaal skips their draw step.
[05:27:02] Ishvaal plays [Mortuary Mire].
[05:27:02] No legal targets to choose for [Mortuary Mire]'s triggered ability.
[05:27:17] [CHAT] CrilaPeoty: azz ho scazzato lista di affo!
[05:27:26] [CHAT] CrilaPeoty: è ancora quella vecchia:(
[05:27:33] Turn 1: CrilaPeoty
[05:27:51] [CHAT] Ishvaal: tanto anche quella vecchia bucava
[05:28:11] [CHAT] CrilaPeoty: sì, è che per il torneo avevo listato quella nuova con qualche 1x di differenza
[05:28:26] [CHAT] CrilaPeoty: ti scazza se gioco questa o preferisci rifare?
[05:28:42] [CHAT] Ishvaal: scusa ma il turno uno lo hai giocat con questa lista?
[05:28:42] CrilaPeoty plays [Seat of the Synod].
[05:28:50] [CHAT] CrilaPeoty: avevo il bye
[05:29:08] CrilaPeoty casts [Preordain].
[05:29:15] CrilaPeoty puts 2 cards on top of their library.
[05:29:15] CrilaPeoty draws a card with [Preordain].
[05:29:16] [CHAT] Ishvaal: preferisco giocare con quella che hai registrato
[05:29:26] [CHAT] CrilaPeoty: ok fifacciamo?
[05:29:33] [CHAT] Ishvaal: ok crea tu la stanza
[05:29:43] CrilaPeoty has conceded from the game.
Winner: Ishvaal
Game 1 Completed.
[05:29:47] Ishvaal has left the game.