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FillTheCherry joined the game.
Moxnix chooses to play first.
Moxnix chooses [Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons] as their commander.
Franco chooses [Sol'kanar the Swamp King] as their commander.
ismimdensanane chooses [Reyhan, Last of the Abzan] and [Ravos, Soultender] as their commanders.
FillTheCherry chooses [Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer] as their commander.
[CHAT] PDBot: [sR]Reyhan, Last of the Abzan[sR] is not legal in Penny Dreadful.
[CHAT] Moxnix: can you read?
[CHAT] Franco: Hi Fill the cherry
[CHAT] ismimdensanane: Penny dredfull
[CHAT] Franco: I'll rehost ... your deck is penny right
[CHAT] ismimdensanane: what is taht mean
Moxnix has voted to eject ismimdensanane. 2 more votes are required for ejection.
[CHAT] Franco: means all the cards cost 1 penny
[CHAT] Franco: according to the list
[CHAT] ismimdensanane: the entiredeck is a peny????
[CHAT] FillTheCherry: hi sorry i axedently joined in sorry
[CHAT] Franco: go on google and type penny dreadful mtgo
[CHAT] Franco: read all about it
[CHAT] Moxnix: all cards 1 penny
[CHAT] ismimdensanane: i have some cards that are penny
[CHAT] ismimdensanane: does that work?
[CHAT] FillTheCherry: sorry ill leave
[CHAT] Franco: ok I will rehost
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Moxnix has conceded from the game.
Moxnix keeps this hand.
Winner: ismimdensanane
Game 1 Completed.
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