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[CHAT] PDBot: [sD][sR] This is not a valid League pairing!
[CHAT] PDBot: [sD][sR] Dicer45, you do not have an active run.
[CHAT] Dicer45: just a question
[CHAT] dfm: sure
[CHAT] Dicer45: what league ?
[CHAT] dfm: penny dreadful, its a budget, community supported format
[CHAT] Dicer45: hmmm
[CHAT] dfm: only cards that cost a penny are legal. some decent ones tough
[CHAT] dfm: *though
[CHAT] Dicer45: how do I get inlolved ?
[CHAT] dfm: www.pennydreadfulmagic.com for more info
[CHAT] dfm: there's an active Discord server for chatting. its a really good format. there's a league and 4 weekly tourneys with prize support
[CHAT] Dicer45: i have one deck that costed me 1 ticket does that count lol?
[CHAT] dfm: i believe you can check the legality at a link on the site. Scryfall.com has a filter for the format as well
[CHAT] Dicer45: ok well seems your leaguers are all full care for a quick match ?
[CHAT] dfm: sure why nto
dfm chooses to play first.
dfm mulligans to 6 cards.
[CHAT] Dicer45: and i will tottally check it out
[CHAT] Dicer45: thanks for the info 
[CHAT] dfm: ...as i mull to 5
Dicer45 keeps this hand.
[CHAT] dfm: lol
dfm mulligans to 5 cards.
dfm keeps this hand.
Turn 1: dfm
[CHAT] Dicer45: damn lol
dfm put a card on the bottom of the library.
dfm skips their draw step.
dfm plays [Rakdos Guildgate].
[CHAT] dfm: mana bases are a little rough lol
[CHAT] Dicer45: ahh see thats a RTR card this deck is RTR 
Turn 1: Dicer45
[CHAT] dfm: ah
Dicer45 plays [Swamp].
Dicer45 casts [Despise] targeting dfm.
dfm discards [Reaver Drone].
dfm reveals their hand to [Despise], containing [Mountain], [Mountain], and [Swamp].
[CHAT] dfm: welp
[CHAT] dfm: im hooped
Turn 2: dfm
dfm plays [Mountain].
dfm casts [Claim] targeting [Reaver Drone].
[CHAT] dfm: mebbe not
[CHAT] Dicer45: lmao
[CHAT] Dicer45: lol
dfm returns [Reaver Drone] to the battlefield with [Claim]'s ability
[CHAT] Dicer45: nice pla
[CHAT] Dicer45: play*
Turn 2: Dicer45
[CHAT] dfm: yeah there are some strong cards in the format still
Dicer45 plays [Mountain].
Dicer45 casts [Go for the Throat] targeting [Reaver Drone].
[CHAT] PDBot: [sR]Go for the Throat[sR] is not legal in Penny Dreadful.
[CHAT] dfm: animate dead, hermit druid, rofellos etc
Turn 3: dfm
dfm plays [Swamp].
dfm casts [Lupine Prototype].
[CHAT] dfm: zombie deck is really powerful this season, though we're just a week into it
[CHAT] Dicer45: intresting card lol
Turn 3: Dicer45
Dicer45 plays [Mountain].
Turn 4: dfm
dfm plays [Mountain].
dfm casts [Forerunner of Slaughter].
[CHAT] Dicer45: id go slivers
[CHAT] dfm: slivers isn't bad. you're missing a few key ones but can make it work
[CHAT] dfm: there are some real strong combo decks
dfm activates an ability of [Forerunner of Slaughter] targeting [Forerunner of Slaughter] ( Target colorless creature gains haste until end of turn.).
Dicer45 is being attacked by [Forerunner of Slaughter] and [Lupine Prototype].
Turn 4: Dicer45
Dicer45 plays [Swamp].
Dicer45 casts [Entomber Exarch].
Dicer45 puts triggered ability from [Entomber Exarch] onto the stack targeting dfm (Target opponent reveals his or her hand. You choose a noncreature card from it. That player discar...).
dfm reveals their hand to [Entomber Exarch]'s ability, containing no cards.
Turn 5: dfm
dfm casts [Ghostfire Blade].
dfm activates an ability of [Ghostfire Blade] targeting [Forerunner of Slaughter] (Equip {3} ).
Dicer45 is being attacked by [Forerunner of Slaughter] and [Lupine Prototype].
[Entomber Exarch] blocks [Lupine Prototype].
Turn 5: Dicer45
Dicer45 casts [Disentomb] targeting [Entomber Exarch].
Dicer45 returns [Entomber Exarch] to its owner's hand with [Disentomb].
[CHAT] Dicer45: damn that deck is powerful lol
Turn 6: dfm
dfm casts [Bearer of Silence].
dfm puts triggered ability from [Bearer of Silence] onto the stack targeting Dicer45 (When you cast Bearer of Silence, you may pay {1C}. If you do, target opponent sacrifices a creatur...).
[CHAT] dfm: yeah and i built it for less than a ticket
[CHAT] dfm: it really is a good format
dfm casts [Fame] from the graveyard targeting [Bearer of Silence].
Dicer45 is being attacked by [Bearer of Silence], [Forerunner of Slaughter], and [Lupine Prototype].
Winner: dfm
Game 1 Completed.
dfm has left the game.